We are seeking teachers who are able to work collaboratively with other teachers to support the Fortune Kindergarten mission. Applicants should have a background of successful teaching, possess a record of professional development and teaching experience, and have excellent English writing and speaking skills. In addition, candidates should have a bachelor's degree and a minimum of two years teaching experience. Please send the following to Fisher at HR@fkis.com.cn.


We will contact applicants by email or phone to schedule an interview.


Personal Statement/Cover letter

Please explain why you would like to live in Shanghai, why you are seeking employment at Fortune Kindergarten, what skills you possess to contribute to the development of the school, and any experience you have that is applicable to teaching kindergarten.


Curriculum Vitae

Details outlining qualifications, degrees and work experience.


Letters of Reference

Letters of Reference from supervisors familiar with the candidate's performance in the type of work the candidate would perform at Fortune Kindergarten.


Copy of Degree

A faxed or scanned and emailed copy of the applicant's highest degree.


Salary & Benefits

We offer competitive salary and benefits

International medical insurance

Bonus upon completion of each contract

 Flight reimbursement

     Relocation allowance and support

     100% subsidy on dependents tuition fees

Sick leave

Maternity and paternity leave

Bereavement leave

School vacations and Chinese public holidays


Frequently Asked Questions

When does recruitment begin?

Recruitment begins in February or on an as needed basis. Positions may become available throughout the year. Please check Job Postings for openings.


What is the application process?

The application process begins with an applicant's resume, cover letter, and letters of reference. Please see our Application Process section.


When do new teachers arrive?

The contract period begins from mid August. It is advisable for new teachers to arrive earlier, so we can assist you in finding an apartment. School orientation, teacher training, and classroom decoration take place during the final two weeks of August. Classes typically begin the first week of September.


Where is the faculty from?

Our faculty is as diverse as our student population. We represent over twenty countries from across the globe, including America, Australia, England, South Africa, France, Canada, Ireland, Philippines, and China.


What is the salary offered at Fortune?

We offer a competitive salary that is determined by an applicant's degree, level of certification, and experience.


What is life like in Shanghai?

Shanghai is a large and vibrant international city with a population of over twenty million. It is the financial center of China and has a history of welcoming foreigners. Shanghai is spoiled for choice in dining, shopping, and cultural activities. Additionally, the city is located at a convenient starting point for travel throughout Asia.

Fortune Kindergarten campuses are located throughout the city and spread out among the different neighborhoods on both sides of the Huangpu River.


Job Openings

Position: Full Time English Homeroom Teachers


We are currently recruiting teachers for the upcoming school year for both our international and bilingual streams in Shanghai and Wuxi. We have availability in each age group, ranging from two to six years old. Contracts will start in August, 2016. Please contact Fisher at HR@fkis.com.cn for more information.