Through an active, relaxed and homely learning environment and through a bilingual and multicultural approach to education, Fortune Kindergarten will help children understand and accept social rules, begin to understand communication between people belonging to different cultures and develop every aspect of their personality, as well as independent life and social skills, bilingual communication and literacy skills and critical thinking skills along with a thorough understanding of age relevant concepts.



Supporting Students, Supporting Teachers

The variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds of our students is an important challenge for our curriculum. Catering to students’ individual needs is a very important aspect of our work and is evident in our students’ progress.

The curriculum is also supportive of the teachers’ work, both by providing targets and guidelines and by allowing space for self-initiative and adjustments to best support students’ needs.



The Principles of Fortune Kindergarten Curriculum:

- Children learn best in a supportive learning environment

- The process of learning is more important than the product

- Children accomplish meaningful learning through play

- Children must develop a positive learning attitude and must acquire success without pressure

- The meaningful involvement of parents supports effective learning